LED Mobile Trailers


It has been proven by the US Small Business Administration and our customers that our LED Mobile Sign Boards get the results you need!  Volunteer Fire Companies will improve their community image, communications, website traffic and your recruiting efforts. The mobility of a trailer works to your advantage.  You can move the trailer to any of your locations, any local college or high school sporting events, or any local fairs.


This 10 MM LED single sided trailer is 12 feet long. The trailer has double axles and a high rightness display 7 feet tall x 10 feet wide. This type of unit is easy to move and great for events, sports or advertising.


This double sided mobile trailer has 360 degree rotation of the mast and hydraulic lift of the Jumbotrons. The LED displays have 8 MM pixel pitch. This product is perfect for Volunteer Fire Companies or any roadside advertising application. Customers on each side of the road will see your message.


This 5 foot x 9 foot single axle, single sided trailer has hydraulic lift for the sign. The LED sign has 6.4 MM pixel pitch for very high resolution. This trailer is for sale or rent.

We can build a 20 foot trailer with a 10 foot tall x 20 foot wide Jumbotron is perfect for concerts, racetracks and sporting events.

We offer video processors for live video feeds,
picture by picture, picture in picture, text overlay and more. Contact US today for a free evaluation of your project.

Video Processors
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