Driving Jumbotron Trailer


Jumbotron LED Trailer with Advanced Hydraulics

LED Mobile Trailers JumboTron

Our latest sleek trailers shown above use German made frames. We provide HD video, advanced hydraulics with 360 degree rotation, two meters of lift and fold in half feature. Our new Jumbotron trailers are easy to store and tow once the LED signs is folded in half.

The orange trailer can be driven up to 25 MPH.  It is shown with a LED display screen 12  x 20 feet.  Both trailers have excellent sound systems.

monster jumbotron trailer

This Jumbotron LED Mobile Trailers features a 14 foot tall  x 29 foot wide Jumbotron Screen.

  • Advanced Hydraulics- rotationg and folding
  • The Diesel Generator holds 100 gallons of diesel fuel
  • four out riggers to stabilize the 53 foot trailer


We use “Tiny House Trailers” for our economy trailers.  These LED Mobile Trailers  are customized for our JumboTron LED Display.

Our team finishes these excellent trailers with hydraulic lifts, generators and frames to hold our Jumbotrons.

The trailers have tandem axles or single axles for smaller trailers, electronic brakes, radial tires, safety chains, breakaway kits and more.

Our LED mobile trailers conform to all US and Canadian safety standards.

Jumbotron LED Box Trucks

Our Jumbotron LED Trucks have optional super quiet 15 KW diesel water cooled generator, three high resolution LED screens,  hydraulic lifts on both sides,  integrated sound system with waterproof speakers.  Perfect for any concerts or events as well as advertising.


Hi Res Video Trailers

led-mobile-trailers-jumbotron-imageLED Mobile Trailers JumboTron will produce income!

The US Small Business Administration  says that  the use of  LED Signs get the results you need!  Jumbovision trailers will improve your community image, communications, website traffic and your sales efforts. The mobility of a trailer works to your advantage.  You can move the trailer to any of your locations, any local college or high school sporting events, or any local fairs.

This 10 MM LED single sided trailer is 12 feet long. The trailer has the following:

  • double axles;
  • high brightness;
  •  7 x 10 foot wide display;
  • stationary mast
  • This type of unit is easy to move and great for events, sports or advertising.

This double sided LED Trailers has 360 degree rotation of the mast and hydraulic lift of the Jumbotrons. The LED displays have 8 MM pixel pitch. This product is perfect for Volunteer Fire Companies or any roadside advertising application. Customers on each side of the road will see your message.