Video Game Trailers

Video Game Trailers with Jumbotron Screens

We sell Video Game trailers of various sizes. Our screens can reach 2 k resolution so your audience will love the experience. There is nothing better than playing video games on a large hi-resolution LED display screens.

We can build the trailers with video screens up to ten by twenty feet. Permanent installations can be of any size.
The video games industry is a 140 Billion Dollar a year industry! Why not get a piece of the action with our video game trailers!

You can start your own business for the price of our rolling video game trailer. Our Jumbotron trailer is flexible so you can rent it for various purposes. In addition to video games you can capture revenue for concerts, sporting events, local trade shows, Operations include: 

  • Frame 37
    Video games;
  • Frame 37
    Live television;
  • Frame 37
    Live streaming;
  • Frame 37
    Any recorded content.

It is easy to connect any game console to the Jumbo Tron Video Game System.

You can connect streaming services such as Google Stradia as well! Our system is perfect for any event like:
  • Frame 37
    A Super Bowl Party;
  • Frame 37
    Any live sporting event;
  • Frame 37
  • Frame 37
    Corporate event;
  • Frame 37
    Employee appreciation;
  • Frame 37
    Customer appreciation;
  • Frame 37
    Birthday parties.
Please check the press release on Google’s new video game streaming service :

Jumbotron Screen Services

We provide Jumbotron Screen consulting, project management, sales, fabrication, installation , training and follow up services for your project. All services are provided in a cost effective, timely and professional manner. We have access to a database of qualified installers nationwide when needed.

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Jumbotron displays provide the best return on investment!

Entertain, Educate and Captivate Your Audience with live streaming of your event, instant replay as well as slow motion.