What is the cost of a Jumbotron?
Costs can vary quite a bit depending on your requirements. We provided a 1,500 square foot LED Jumbotron at the Jacob Javits Center for $350,000 plus installation.
Do you offer financing for Jumbotrons?
Yes of course.  We can offer financing for your projects up to $2,000,000 through AmeriFund.
Do you offer a warranty on your Jumbotron LED Displays?
Yes, we provide 5 years warranty to cover issues of normal wear and tear. Any defects in quality and workmanship are covered.  You will receive free spare parts with each Jumbotron purchased from us.
My budget just got approved for my Jumbotron. How long will it take to get delivery?
You can expect to have your Jumbotron delivered in 45 days from the time that your order is signed.
Do you offer LED signs mounted on trailers?
Yes, we  can offer mobile LED displays of various sizes mounted on trailers.